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Why Do You Shop for Fabric?

Posted by Stacy Hart on

Why do you shop for fabric? I started shopping for fabric six years ago when I got the courage to try quilting for the first time. Since then, I've shopped for fabric for many different reasons.

Which of these projects is your favorite reason to shop for fabric?

  • Quilts - Fabric for quilts actually in process as well as fabric for ALL those quilts you want to make. Fabric for practical, every day use quilts as well as mini quilts or single quilt blocks for decorative use.
  • Pillowcases - Fabric to make pillow covers for throw pillows and bed pillows. 
  • Kitchen Accessories - Fabric for pot holders, napkins, placemats, etc.
  • Bags - Fabric to make zip pouches, reusable shopping bags, and more complex bags with multiple pockets and compartments.  
  • Hair Accessories - Fabric for hair scrunchies, headbands, etc.
  • Baby Items - Fabric for burp cloths, bibs, and flannel baby blankets.
  • No Project In Mind - Fabric that you see and love and have to have. You have no idea how you'll use it, but you want it in your stash so you'll have it when that perfect project comes along. 

Why do I shop for fabric?  I'm usually shopping for fabric for quilts, both quilts in process as well as those I want to make sometime down the road. And I have purchased plenty of fabric just because I liked it and wanted to have it on hand. 

So, why do you shop for fabric? Did I leave out your favorite type of project? Share below or on our Facebook page.


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